Monday, January 2, 2012

new year tango

the fondue turned out particularly good & was intentioned in the classic raclette tradition of burgundy/ it turned into a LOT of cheese at the wknd, which began fri evening when m & h arrived from brooklyn with a large tray of lasagne, tho we already had a pizza waiting. (thus, we held onto the lasagne until yesterday, and there is still some left) . to take our minds off of the cheese, we hit abyssinia on saturday for lunch, tho it wasnt up to scratch. fortunately, some lentils & rice were also left here sat evening at some point. not forgetting the roast pork from 7 or 9 daze ago right here near the citadel. i havent made a beef stew yet this winter (its been warm here in the northeast folks) but feel a meat crave entering me blood.

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