Thursday, January 5, 2012

hwy to another song

was out in oakland last february and nathan made a superb coq au vin, a version which i made tonite (w/ bacon) and it turned out pretty damn good. but that isnt why i am here today. the following was first composed in 1988 and has been modified to fit your screen and your mood.
i see you/timeless injectory. desert sky & pink wolves.
SHE SINGS. integrity of a madman. isolation/solitude. orkus orchids & a pinochle deck to go.
foliginally/juxtaposition notwithstanding.
a jig-saw of nerveless fever. piece it together as the:
soup of your vein
soup of your mind
soup and you're MINE
ode to a transparent misunderstanding or didnt our times mesh...

along for the ride. your nerve cut, raw-edged existence has eaten away at my
& my kaleidoscopic determination to make you something other than you are:
to make you see me thru a 3 dimensional warped obsession.
But: it IS you. this i can not deny. the ballgame is yours, cant you see?
keep your dreary cesspool, i dont want it!
stay off my fucking com lines you suffocate me.
glassy eyes/bitter connexion. glass bootheel. far west
i decided it might be a good time to change my phone number. not that i dont want to hear from you its just that i cant contemplate the chamber within your sawed off misanthropy. but: do knock cautiously & we may be able to connect for a bent snowball. your presence is in my fedora & i sing for you.

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