Wednesday, January 4, 2012

fragmented ink

there have been many periods of writing, scribbling...and of course drawing & painting and both continue to this day. yet there were no diary entries until 1982. and since then they have been more or less constant, without revealing much. in 1980 i arrived in london for a lengthy stay and over a month or so of that time composed 'fragmented ink', my first published piece. it amuses me now in retrospect, as i informed people i had a book coming out. the book was fotocopied sheets in a smartly designed 'folder'. no 2 were alike. it still reads well. and there are still out-takes as it were. but the most joy of the scribbles was 'piano key transparency', begun in 1975, and finally published in 1982, the 2nd inkblot publication. recently released on compact disc. the new year may finally see the release of 'tropical delusion', my long threatened fractured memoir. hold your breath...

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