Monday, January 16, 2012

between the buttons

it was a festive wknd for reasons aplenty (& some of you may even know why) but it may have begun thursday with the rain and a viewing of tinker tailor soldier spy, which, while not as good as the alec guiness 4 hour interpretation was still enjoyable and gary oldman was indeed superb as smiley/ alas, the rain split quick and the cold arrived (rain due back tonite folks). and those le carre books usually put me in the mood for pink floyd's meddle which will spin some nite soon/ saturday was another excursion, this one to 'loie fuller' restaurant on the west side (one of our favourite providence eateries). sunday and we never left the citadel but for an electric evening at the big house : potato raclette and chili with a superb california cabernet/ everyone in good form/lazy monday with simon wells' book on the '67 redlands bust as the clouds are welcomed back! the circus will resume soon, do be patient...

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