Saturday, December 21, 2013

tequila & the solstice

in years past it would be quite warm in oakland this time of year and
pirate & i would sit on the porch drinking tequila sunrise, of all things.
i remember this vividly on several december 25, & its true that today
is not that day, but pretty damn close. but the solstice no doubt warrants
such action, tho its rare for me to drink tequila. and thus today may have had
the odd gin/tonic, and many glasses of burgundy. but today is just starting
and lunch was some boring ravioli. dinner will be another matter!
on my post office walks of late, a lot of word scramble enter me noggin
and i always intend to return to the citadel here and type them into this
machine so all of you can read them. well, win some, lose some. as there
hasnt been an entry for some months. most of you know how to contact me
directly for the odd story every now and again, eh??
oh, i forgot to mention that it is 61 degrees or so in providence today,
very oakland like!! may this tropical warmth continue!!

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