Tuesday, June 18, 2013

suddenly choking carrot soup or standpipe siamese

greenpoint arrival was probably 4.30 & we opened the wine, some cheap burgundy i had brought down from providence & there was a delay while we waited for h to get back from another island but it was good to be back on freeman st & we journeyed over to manhattan ave to a fish joint called 'lobster' (original, eh?) & we sat out back at those picnic style tables, tho we had ordered our food first, & it arrived very quickly, some kinda fish sliders and a slew of opening foods, was it the oysters or the deep fried shrimp or.....and the rain began & we ordered more food....m & h were drinking beers, & i think a & i were with a pint as well.....got soaked on the 2 blocks back to freeman, tho we stopped off to get friday wine, & vodka. / was there still rain on friday or was it clouds &......the day passed, & i realised how fond i am of greenpoint & we walked about: up manhattan, side streets, and down franklin. eventually, dinner time arrives as it does most daze & we went straight to karczma on greenpoint ave, a polish joint & i tremble now to relay only a bare skeleton of what may or may not have happened but suffice to say we were very well fed and there was enough to bring back for saturday lunch. but friday nite was still to come & were we dosed or was the music and company that much fun? ha ha.....lets just say we might have been sluggish to get our saturday goin'....heh heh.....but the weather had improved....& we put our shoes on & stumbled over to franklin to le gamin, a french joint of some reknown. it had just opened for the evening & the staff seemed flustered, but once we let them know we were in a decent mood & that we would put up with only a variant of shenanigans they got their shit together PDQ and served us a very decent meal with 2 half liter carafes of red wine. /  there is so much more i could tell you about all of this, but it will have to wait for a fortnite or so, but should you be in the area, do wander in to karczma: you wont be disappointed!