Monday, January 23, 2012

those london chimes from yesteryear

it was probably in january, 1965 that the rolling stones became important to me. certainly i had heard of them in 1964, and maybe even seen them on tv. but they hadnt sunk in. fortunately, there was good radio where i was living then, a 9 year old out on the delta. and the station dug the stones. maybe 'the rolling stones now' had just been released. i knew this was my music and i hadnt even seen a picture of the boys yet. and because all things british were big that year we even got the news from london. this may have been my first time hearing about winston churchill. cause he checked out on 24 jan '65 at the age of 90! and after the news, the station had a show known as the 'gear hour' and it was all things british and my boys, the stones, were often featured. there was even a full hour of the stones one saturday nite!! transistor radio under the pillow! tho as a rule, i dont really like janurary tho it is the month of my birth. (i later found out the stone themselves were down under that month, stopping off in L.A. to record 'the last time' after the aussie tour.
might still be their best single! (b/w 'play with fire').

Monday, January 16, 2012

between the buttons

it was a festive wknd for reasons aplenty (& some of you may even know why) but it may have begun thursday with the rain and a viewing of tinker tailor soldier spy, which, while not as good as the alec guiness 4 hour interpretation was still enjoyable and gary oldman was indeed superb as smiley/ alas, the rain split quick and the cold arrived (rain due back tonite folks). and those le carre books usually put me in the mood for pink floyd's meddle which will spin some nite soon/ saturday was another excursion, this one to 'loie fuller' restaurant on the west side (one of our favourite providence eateries). sunday and we never left the citadel but for an electric evening at the big house : potato raclette and chili with a superb california cabernet/ everyone in good form/lazy monday with simon wells' book on the '67 redlands bust as the clouds are welcomed back! the circus will resume soon, do be patient...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

anonymous proposition

we musta hit 62 or so on the porch today, windows open...finally a tequila sunrise, like those oakland daze of yesteryear...tho the burgundy was flowin also....and now its halftime : saints & lions...just a quick word...we can often be outta here by now...this january the exception and the weather godz in our huddle for the moment...gotta get back to the inks and pastels...still some typing to do on the word collage...another lazy saturday....

Thursday, January 5, 2012

hwy to another song

was out in oakland last february and nathan made a superb coq au vin, a version which i made tonite (w/ bacon) and it turned out pretty damn good. but that isnt why i am here today. the following was first composed in 1988 and has been modified to fit your screen and your mood.
i see you/timeless injectory. desert sky & pink wolves.
SHE SINGS. integrity of a madman. isolation/solitude. orkus orchids & a pinochle deck to go.
foliginally/juxtaposition notwithstanding.
a jig-saw of nerveless fever. piece it together as the:
soup of your vein
soup of your mind
soup and you're MINE
ode to a transparent misunderstanding or didnt our times mesh...

along for the ride. your nerve cut, raw-edged existence has eaten away at my
& my kaleidoscopic determination to make you something other than you are:
to make you see me thru a 3 dimensional warped obsession.
But: it IS you. this i can not deny. the ballgame is yours, cant you see?
keep your dreary cesspool, i dont want it!
stay off my fucking com lines you suffocate me.
glassy eyes/bitter connexion. glass bootheel. far west
i decided it might be a good time to change my phone number. not that i dont want to hear from you its just that i cant contemplate the chamber within your sawed off misanthropy. but: do knock cautiously & we may be able to connect for a bent snowball. your presence is in my fedora & i sing for you.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

fragmented ink

there have been many periods of writing, scribbling...and of course drawing & painting and both continue to this day. yet there were no diary entries until 1982. and since then they have been more or less constant, without revealing much. in 1980 i arrived in london for a lengthy stay and over a month or so of that time composed 'fragmented ink', my first published piece. it amuses me now in retrospect, as i informed people i had a book coming out. the book was fotocopied sheets in a smartly designed 'folder'. no 2 were alike. it still reads well. and there are still out-takes as it were. but the most joy of the scribbles was 'piano key transparency', begun in 1975, and finally published in 1982, the 2nd inkblot publication. recently released on compact disc. the new year may finally see the release of 'tropical delusion', my long threatened fractured memoir. hold your breath...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

days have gone by

while it isnt exactly tropical these past few days, its been just warm enough to remind me of oakland daze of yesteryear and we got into fahey 'your past comes back to haunt you' these past few mornings/ & its highly recommended. tropical fahey/ & while we long for rain the overpowering lack of completely fucked up east coast winter weather is predominant. know what i mean??

Monday, January 2, 2012

new year tango

the fondue turned out particularly good & was intentioned in the classic raclette tradition of burgundy/ it turned into a LOT of cheese at the wknd, which began fri evening when m & h arrived from brooklyn with a large tray of lasagne, tho we already had a pizza waiting. (thus, we held onto the lasagne until yesterday, and there is still some left) . to take our minds off of the cheese, we hit abyssinia on saturday for lunch, tho it wasnt up to scratch. fortunately, some lentils & rice were also left here sat evening at some point. not forgetting the roast pork from 7 or 9 daze ago right here near the citadel. i havent made a beef stew yet this winter (its been warm here in the northeast folks) but feel a meat crave entering me blood.