Wednesday, August 28, 2013

metal machine music*

sometime during the heatwave of july i wrote to hexit that i would post some words about the metal machine music recording by lou reed, issued sometime in 1975. but that was then, and those words havent yet appeared. it is the perfect hot weather record for me. then, and now. even today, which may have topped out at 87, was just right. the disk player was fucked momentarily so i dug out the vinyl....quality superb. of course one had to flip the record every 20 minutes or so. and i didnt make it to side 'D', as something came up. i also had velvet underground on the jukebox a lot this summer.  more great hot weather music. but a week or 2 ago, another musical craving came to me. something i also experienced the first time on the delta that glorious hot summer of '75. and that is steve reich's magnum opus 'drumming', the 3 LP set, which also includes 'six pianos'  and 'music for mallett instruments, voices and organ'. again available on disk, tho it was hard to find for a while. this leads into my next word collage, to be posted soon. as i try and make sense of something written long ago...

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