Friday, May 10, 2013

william s. burroughs' unforgettable characters

in 2001 xochi publications in brisbane, australia published 'william s. burroughs' unforgettable characters: lola "la chata" and bernabe jurado' in an edition of 123 copies. this handsome book included an essay by michael spann concerning burroughs' time in mexico, 1949-1952, and included an original piece by burroughs not yet published in english regarding his most unforgettable character: bernabe jurado. jurado was the lawyer who helped burroughs with several legal issues, including the accidental shooting of burroughs' wife, joan.
the book quickly sold out and has been unavailable for the past 10 years or so, but for quite pricy copies showing up on the internet from time to time.
inkblot publications have reissued this classic, with an expanded essay by spann, an introduction by jack sargeant, and the burroughs piece from the original printing. highly recommended, and a very handsome paperback edition, 68 pages, $10 plus shipping to the destination of your choice! please write to us with any questions:

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  1. And it looks like a damn fine production - having received my copy yesterday!
    Gary Cummiskey