Sunday, February 26, 2012

signspotting out west

the arrangements had been made some weeks previously but i was definitely not in the mood to travel when jan 24 came around. balmy providence had not yet allowed winter thru the gates (in fact it really hasnt arrived). but there were several appointments (& meals) i just didnt want to miss, and off i went. i knew pirate could take care of 'all & everything' here at the citadel while i was away (& she did). i didnt see much of oakland, but my mainman there drove me hither and yon to mendocino and marin, & on evening 3 or was it 4 my attorney got loud and said how bout dinner at his place, in north berkeley (he's a damn good cook folks!). naturally we began with some red wine around 2, toured the garden, listened to some fabulous music (usually vinyl), most of which i cant remember cause i'd never heard of some of the bands. maybe when he reads this he can gently remind me! were there appetizers? had to have been. no doubt some superb cheeses from the board etc. the main course was to be guineau hen, which i had never had. another bottle of red. my oakland road manager was due back for dinner at 6 and he may have been in touch via mobile. eventually my attorney's wife arrives, but on finding out dinner was still some time away, she split quick for the safety of an upstairs sleeping room. ho ho....(she missed a damn good dinner folks!!) N finally arrived and the three of us ate.....some sizzling grateful dead on the box.....the au jus and cabbage with the hen out of this world! more red!! ho ho....but this was just the start of this little west coast venture, ostensibly to remind folks of all i do and continue to do......(stay tuned!)

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