Wednesday, February 29, 2012

saffron gone astray

next day was a saturday and i was supposed to attend a zinfandel wine show in frisco sometime after lunch. this didnt happen however, for various reasons. the day began innocently enough with nathan and myself hitting the shoppes for both breakfast and lunch foodstuffs, which would be prepared & served at the unmarked west oakland warehouse. no doubt we acquired some jug wine, probably carlo rossi. the sun was out. there may have been a hike in the hills or was that the day before. i was due in the hills near redwood city for dinner, preferably well in advance for the wine and appetizers. much to my surprise, nathan agreed to wisk me over in his own motor car, with oliver the dog. no problem!! (i have never cared much for the transportation system in the 'bay area' that tries to pass itself off as a subway). we arrived emerald hills sometime before 5, and it was a very warm day. we were lucky to get out of oakland however, as the occupiers were somehow engaged in some more foolishness and the roads were temporarily backed up. and arrival at the home of longtime friend and comrad riley the irishman, and his longtime paramour kathleen. hot damn. the wine begins to flow. we get a tour of the grounds. oliver the dog is free to roam and run!! some stellar dead on the box (kings beach feb 1968). a neighbour, s the anarchist, was also invited. a moroccan chicken was being prepared. but there was a small problem: the hippies at the market neglected to put the saffron into the bag!! holy shit!! how can there be a moroccan chicken without the saffron!?! well....the meal presented us some hours later was impeccable. 'no saffron required'. more wine. side dishes?? cous cous? vegetables? odd, but i dont really recall. we were all having a good time. a tour of the grounds next door. nathan saw a boat he wanted. (and may still want). the warm afternoon was evening & then nite. but the madness would continue tomorrow...

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  1. Indeed, this problem has been concerning us in the Antipodes.